About Us

We started our business since 2014 years at Seri Kembangan. Our technician have well trained from ShenZhen China. Apart from that, most of our iPhone spare parts are directly order from factory instead of getting from local supplier. Benefits order from factory give us quality assured our spare parts and offer longer warranty period & reasonable price to our customers. If you’re interested our services, don’t hesitate to contact us, we always grad to serve you. 

Screen Glass Replacement

In Malaysia, most of the smartphone users don’t know regarding their device screen component structure. Thus, whenever their phone were broke, they will replace with a new screen but costly. In facts, if the screen only cracked, but lcd/oled display still working fine without any dead pixel or lines, the cracked glass can be replace and reuse back the original screen. Left side have an iPhone screen structure which show you with a screen that build from multi layer components. The top component are make from gorilla glass and this layer without any function, just use to protect the lcd/oled display. When user fall down their phone, usually only top layer cracked and this layer can be replace with a new glass. This is what we call screen glass replacement. By this way, you can save your wallet, no need spend more money to replace a new screen. 


Battery Bloated/Drain Fast

No matter you use iPhone or other android device, device battery are wear and tear spare part. A faulty battery will bloated and drain fast, screen might damaged when battery bloated. For iPhone users, you can check your battery health at Settings>Battery>Battery Health. If the battery health less than 80% there will have a SERVICE keywords show in battery health, that means your device battery having problem need to replace as soon as possible. However, battery health just for references not really accurate. Some battery might having problem too although battery health above 80%.  For android devices like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Google Pixel and so on, it unlike iPhone can check battery health in settings. Huawei device battery will more easily bloated than other brand especially Nova 2i, Nova 3i, Mate 10 series and so on. If your device having battery problem, feel free to contact us for quotation. We can fix it on the spot no need long wait.

Motherboard/Water Damaged Repair

Device motherboard are assembly from many ic chip componet such as U2 ic, Audio ic, Touch ic, WIFI ic and so on. Whenever some ic chip not functioning, your device might can’t start or certain function not functioning. However, many consumer will assumed motherboard can’t be repair only can change a new board. In fact, device motherboard can be repair unless major ic chip like CPU having problem. Whenever device accidentally drop to the water, many consumer will try to charge the device or turn on it, end up certain motherboard component shortage due to water still inside the motherboard. Thus, whenever device got water damaged, user are not advised to turn on the device or charge it, suppose send to repair as soon as possible to prevent more component get short.